The e-Security Group

Sadie Creese
Dr Sadie Creese
Chair of the E-Security Group

Dr Sadie Creese has a first class honours degree in Mathematics and Philosophy (1996), an MSc in Computation (1997) and a doctorate in Computer Science (2001) from the University of Oxford. She is currently Technical Manager of Security Assurance in QinetiQ Trusted Information Management department. She leads the department's research into security for future pervasive computing environments and is responsible for a 1m research budget. Sadie is also a member of the QinetiQ Trusted Information Management educational services team, where she both contributes to the development of and delivers courses in trust and security. Sadie participates as an expert reviewer in the evaluation of project proposals for the EU Information Society Technologies Framework 6 programme in the area of trust and security. She has been invited to speak on security challenges for future technology environments at numerous events, and has many peer reviewed international publications.

To act as a catalyst in promoting the awareness and education of commerce, industry, Government and academia in the promotion of secure on-line business and in countering on-line fraud.


  • To help create a secure environment for the use of information and communication technologies
  • To educate members, Government and the wider business community on best practice e-security



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