The Public Sector Group

David Lennan
David Lennan
Chair of the Public Sector Group

David has enjoyed a wide-ranging career in both the private and public sectors with experience at operational and board level in industries as diverse as banking, insurance, agriculture, local government, national trade and business associations as well as organisational development consultancies. 

He is Managing Director of Dedale Ltd, a company specialising in partnerships that focusses on improving organisational efficiency, productivity and procurement.

He has been Director General of The British Chambers of Commerce, a national business organisation representing 135,000 businesses and Director of Corporate Development at Surrey County Council, where he led a modernisation programme for one of the UK's leading local authorities employing 23,500 people. 


To facilitate the delivery of public service modernisation by creating the link between the public sector and business.


The Public Sector Group works to promote dialogue between central and local government and the business community to ensure public sector strategy is informed and makes the best use of information technology expertise and knowledge.

Current Activities


Researching and developing best practice around the risk/reward/reputation/results of Public Private Partnerships


Providing independent, impartial advice to engage in e-Citizenship


Contributing expertise to the Modernising Parliament initiative


Finding common platforms for performance management in local government 


Promoting   understanding of the implications of the Freedom of Information Act for the public sector


News Flash
Access the presentation given by John Thornton - Director of e-Government - to the Public Sector group at the meeting held on 13th September 2004. download

A keynote presentation was delivered to members of the Public Sector Group by John Thornton the Director of e-Government at the meeting held on Monday 13th September 2004. The wide ranging address was significant not only because it highlighted the progress John and his team have made but also because it illustrated the way in which common concerns among the general public are beginning to be addressed. Please access the presentation for further information.

Meetings are held at the FT offices Southwark Bridge every six weeks.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 6th December 2004.  Lunch will take place at 12:30.  A guest speaker has been invited to attend. The meeting starts 2.00pm. 

New members are welcome. To find out more, contact

This years 2004 meetings are scheduled for: 

  • 31st March
  • 19th April
  • 31st May
  • 12th July
  • 13th September
  • 8th November
  • 6th December