InterForum organises and participates in a wide range of events and activities all designed to raise awareness of the many opportunities information and communication technologies offer British businesses.

Key to these are:

  • The national UK online for business and InterForum E-Commerce Awards. Now in their fifth year, the Awards give thousands of small to medium sized businesses and UK voluntary sector organisations the opportunity to demonstrate how new technologies are improving their business effectiveness.
  • InterForum's regular series of white paper and business publications that address current issues and challenges facing the UK digital economy.
  • The many talks, seminars and events InterForum participates in across the UK each year.

All of these activities are organised either in conjunction with InterForum's many partners in Government, business and the trade sector, or by its own members who work in small Special Interest Groups to address specific issues.

DTI backs leap into accreditation
On October 8, InterForum partner Channels Forum, with the DTI and Cisco, launched the first stage of a new accreditation scheme for the UK reseller channel. Click here to find out more about how the scheme will work to boost SME buyer confidence. (Article reproduced with the permission of Channel Business.)