InterForum Membership Overview

InterForum's membership is made up of many of the best known and most influential suppliers and users of information and communication technologies in the UK, along with considerable representation from Government departments.  

The combined revenues of all members (excluding Government departments) exceeds 100 billion.  

InterForum offers members a unique, 'closed-door' forum in which they can come together to address issues facing the British digital economy, and establish ways to ensure that the education, legislation and technologies are in place to help British businesses profit from new and emerging ICT technologies.  

All members belong to the InterForum Council and participate in a wide range of activities such as:

  • Lobbying Government, shadow ministers and high-level government officials
  • Producing strategic white papers and business publications
  • Closed-door forums with industry leaders in the user/supplier community
  • Closed-door forums with Government ministers and senior civil servants
  • Producing IT/telecoms buying guidelines
  • Producing best practice guidelines for UK businesses.

Additionally, members have the opportunity to join the InterForum special interest groups. These six working party groups address specific areas such as providing a direct link to Government and Local Government, e-Security, Mobile Services, and issues facing Small Businesses and Corporates in adopting new technology.

Membership benefits
InterForum members enjoy wide ranging benefits, including the opportunity to:

  • Influence government, IT/ Telecoms suppliers and supplier consortia
  • Contribute at a company and individual level to the advancement of the British digital economy
  • Provide a customer focus in the development of the UK's information technology infrastructure
  • Participate in high-profile national events such as the national UK online for business and InterForum E-Commerce Awards for SMEs
  • Examine "hot topics" with other Council members in a non-sales environment
  • Meet with formally and informally members with common interests at strategic, operational and technical levels
  • Learn what others are doing, and plan to do, with ICT
  • Identify new business development opportunities
  • Improve company and individual knowledge on technical issues.

Become a Member
For more details about becoming an InterForum member contact:

Membership Services Manager
Winkworth House
83 St Judes Rd
Englefield Green
Surrey TW20 0DF

Tel: + (44) 1784 473 005
Fax: + (44) 1784 473 006